The Closed-Loop Organics Management System

3D Geometric Model Drawing, Copyright © 2011-2012, Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation


This is a 48 tank system designed to handle the effluent from an approximate 12,000 lactating cow dairy.


A steel building is erected over the vertical tanks and roof structures aid in shade and odor control. 


Manure is vacuumed from the feed-lanes delivered to a reception pit.  The manure is pretreated to correct impurities and enhance its methane content.  The effluent is then processed through a sand separator and into a holding tank where it will be mixed with other agricultural waste products and diluted to a specific recipe.  The content is then pre-heated and processed into a patented anaerobic digester where both mesophilic and thermophilic temperartures are controlled at specific levels.  At 6 days the process is complete.  Biomethane is stripped off as well as Carbon Dioxide.  A gas flare is installed for safety.  The gas is scrubbed clean, stored for delivery following sale or injected directly into the distribution pipeline.  


The effluent from the anaerobic digester is the feed stock for the aerobic bioreactor.  The material is treated, pasteurized, and converted into a high quality soil amendment or bedding material in 72 hours.


The waste water being discharged from the separator will be used as a feed source to grow algae for biodiesel.


The dairy facility is enhanced by the system's ability to provide hot water for operations and chilling capabilities for milk storage.


The entire process is controlled and measured continually by a web accessible computer control system.