21st Century Renewable Energy Development

A Closed-Loop system designed for a 12,000 cow dairy.

3D Geometric Model Drawing, Copyright © 2011-2013, Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation

This is just one view of one part of our Close-Loop Organics Management System (the "EP&T System" or "Power & Energy Center").  In this case, 48 digesters make up the anaerobic process of the cycle for this particular dairy operation.

EP&T’s CLOMS technology is a combination of patented and licensed technologies that use anaerobic digestion and bioreactor technology to take organic feedstock (manure, foods, oils and greases) to generate biogas (methane) which is conditioned and injected into natural gas line distribution system.  The solids from the CLOMS technology process are made into organic compost for commercial and residential use.

EP&T has spent 10 years researching, analyzing and developing technologies to farm methane.  That is a long time.  Frankly, we have answers to problems college professors haven't even figured out exist yet.  As a result, we have created a market-ready closed-loop system that uses natural processes to generate methane.


  • EP&T’s renewable energy technology allows for the renewable energy to be stored and thus is not dependent upon daylight or wind (air pressure).
  • EP&T’s technology creates renewable energy from a “base” source that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.
  • EP&T’s technology greatly reduces GHG emissions.
  • EP&T’s technology protects groundwater quality by eliminating the practice of storing dairy manure on site and the elimination of lagoons.
  • EP&T’s technology has virtually no waste stream when generating biogas.
  • EP&T’s technology creates secondary products from biogas generation-compost and liquid fertilizer.