Products & Technologies

We have spent a great deal of time and money in our pursuit of not just solutions, but the right solutions, and the experience has paid off. You might say, its made us outstanding in our field. What, you never heard that one?


EP&T is involved in the following activities:


  • Animal Manure Waste Management - Food Production Waste Management - Green Power CHP Systems (Methane-based)
  • Pipeline Gas Quality System (Methane-based)
  • Zero Power Use Technologies (Electricity-based)
  • Waste Odor & Vapor Emissions Control
  • Certified Compost to Specification and/or Pasteurized Bedding Material
  • Nutrient-rich Compost Tea Extracts
  • Wastewater Treatment to Water Reuse Systems
  • High Water Volume Replacement Technology
  • Overall Land Reclamation System
  • On-site and remote, Web-based Asset Management & Control System
  • Automating Compliance and Reporting Activities
  • ISO 14001 Certification
  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits


In the development of these activities, EP&T developed and discovered a significant number of new products to accomplish it goals.  Many of these can improve dairy operations all on their own.  Here is a listing of just a few of our favorite finds:

Adsorbsion Chillers

No Electrity.  No Water.  No Refrigerants.  Free cooling.  Adsorption chillers make use of the same evaporative process used in absorption or centrifugal chillers. In this case, the medium used is water. By placing the water in a vacuum, the waste heat produced from engines, digesters and a host of other machines and processes is sufficient to drive the process. As the water evaporates, it takes away the heat that we don't want. Instead of the water being released as steam, adsorption chillers re-condense it to liquid letting it adhere to (adsorb onto) silica gel, a purer version of the sand we know and love. The silica gel can then be "reactivated" by applying warm air. So we have a closed system, able to run on modest amounts of heat that is far less expensive to operate and maintain than other refrigeration and cooling systems.


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Sand Separation

Not all sand separaters are created equal. And on a dairy farm, sand gets in all the places you don't want it to. We use our sand separaters to keep equipment running clean and bright throughout the closed-loop process.


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