What puts the Environmental in EP&T?

Environmental Products & Technologies was conceived by Marvin Mears in 1996.  From its very beginning, the company turned all its resources to solving environmental problems surrounding animal feed operations.  This was, and in many ways remains, an under-served industry segment and yet has one of the greatest impacts on the environment.  The Clean Air and Clean Water Acts had been passed and the time-line quickly approached for them to be enacted into law.  It made sense to us that this was a place that needed our help.


We were outsiders then, not really being on a dairy sense our teenage years.  We didn't really know one end of the cow from the other.  It turns out that was a good thing!  We had much to learn, had a fresh outlook and whole different perspective from our good farmer friends and family.  It was this situation that lead us to the great discovery.  Like everything in nature, actions occur as part of a larger process.  We realized that the solution to providing farmers with greater yields, operational efficiencies and savings, while completely eliminating environmental issues was simply this: a process.  Or in this case, a piece of one.  It turns out that normal farm operations are simply missing part of their own natural process to close the cycle!


Today, we know the dairy business.  And more about a cow than you want to know.  Here is a little factoid we learned: did you know that a good milk cow will produce up to 85 pounds of milk a day and 120 pounds of manure?!  True.  And its stuff like that we have used to develop our proprietary closed-loop system to complete the process in feed operations.  The result is the complete removal of waste lagoons and no effluent discharge into the ground water.  It takes an operation so far above the Clean Water Act Standards, it can be completely removed from all EPA compliance requirements.  And that's a very good thing.